7 Easy Methods Of Blogging For Money

Aside from having to have a blog to start with blogging for money is actually pretty easy. If you love to write you can make a decent living with your blog. There are a few key points to focus on when considering the possibility of blogging for money, the first one is diversity. It is hard to make a decent amount of money on a regular basis with a blog if you only employ one method of monetization.

Monetization Methods

1) Adsense:

This is perhaps the most commonly seen form of blog monetization. It is easy to start, you don’t have to do anything at all after you have it set up, and it has the potential for earning you a reliable amount of money and is facilitated by a reputable company”Google.

2) Paid Blogging:

This seems like a no-brainer but there are a few different ways to make money creating paid posts. There are several companies online that will have opportunities for you to write posts for pay. The two main differences to look for when considering this type of work are the form posts need to take when doing the opportunities from those companies: freeform, or advertorial. Freeform type posts are easier to do because you can write about any subject that interests you so long as it includes a particular keyword or phrase with a link. Those types of posts also keep your blog from looking like one big billboard and that will make your readers happier, and your traffic up.

3) Affiliate Links Programs:

These are gaining popularity amongst blogging for money community because they allow bloggers to choose the types of links they put in their posts or sidebars making them more focused on the subject of their blogs. You can usually find affiliate opportunities at any company selling items online, or one of the many affiliate ‘brokerages’ that will not only keep track of your link sales but pay you directly in a lump sum for all of your links at once rather than having money filtering in from various companies individually.

4) Asset Sales:

If you know a subject well and can write about it consider developing your own eBook on the subject and selling it from your blog. Your readers already know you, like your style of writing, and are probably interested in the same things you are so will pay for the information you know about it. EBooks are easy to put together and sell online with, or without a publisher and you can often do the entire thing yourself saving you a great deal of money and earning you a good income from sales.

5) Paid Blogging Networks:

This is a slightly different way to make a profit blogging for money. Instead of using your own blog or blogs you join a network that hosts a blog for you and pays you a portion of sales proceeds from links they place on your blog. All you do is usually post regularly and encourage readership and receive a neat check on a normal basis pertaining to the effort. It really is one of the less complicated forms of running a blog for money.
Monetary gift Buttons:

Don’t need to advertise or sell banner space on your blog? Simply ask for money. How simple is that? Set up a PayPal ‘donations’ button and get money sent to you by appreciative readers. It works, and it is just one of the many ways to begin blogging for money.

7) Blog Flipping:

This is one of the more unusual ways of blogging for money as it will not actually involve advertising anything at all. People who turn blogs are much like people that flip houses, they open up a blog, build it up, make it pretty, after which when it is in a good location to make money, that means it is old enough to join companies that will spend the owners to blog, popular enough to market banner ads, or link ads, they sell it to someone who desires a blog that is ready made to do the task.

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